A video tutorial on how to setup your s3 bucket and how to get the keys has been provided in the Firefiles app at the time of creating a new s3 drive. You may refer to that video.

We recommend you to not change any settings or configurations at the time of creating your s3 bucket. If you are concerned about the security, the default settings are actually very secure and block all public access to your buckets (As of May 2022).


There is no need of creating an s3 bucket before using Firefiles. If you provide us with the access keys only, we'll let you create an s3 bucket directly from Firefiles!

At the time of creating a new drive in Firefiles, make sure that you enter the region correctly, otherwise AWS might throw an error.

Regarding File Sharing

Unlike Firebase, there are no permanent links to files in s3. So when you share a file, you will get a presigned URL which has an expiration of 24 hours. We will add an option to extend this expiry in a future release, but until then please be aware that your URLs will expire after 24 hours.

If you're still facing any issues, please feel free to reach out to us by emailing us or by creating an issue at our Github page